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Course Code: 017


This course provides a conceptual overview and hands-on management experience to participants in the engineering profession involved in project development and management. Participants will consolidate basic management knowledge, develop management and computer skills, and refine personal attitudes required in modern business environment, all this delivered in a constructive class-room/computer laboratory environment.


The program is intended for executives, engineering project managers and engineers involved in the various disciplines of the engineering practice in consultancy firms, construction companies and project development organizations.


· A minimum of a bachelor degree in an engineering field related to maintenance (some practical experience preferable) or:

Three years engineering diploma (with considerable experience in project development, management, supervision and execution).

Course Contents

Theoretical background (21 hrs)

General introduction to project Management, project cycle, project scheduling, leadership and human resource issues, communication, project close-out, claims management, problem solving and decision making, time management, legal aspects and contract law, project record keeping, introduction to recent advances in management.

Software applications (54 hrs)

Excel, MS Project, Primavera.