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Course Code: 021


The management profession is developing rapidly with the introduction of new management techniques and advances in information technology. The Sudanese economy is finally starting to catch up with globalization with more and more multinational companies knocking on our doors. Very soon local companies will be cooperating and competing against large multinational companies which posses far more resources and experience. There is an urgent need to modernize our management techniques and acquaint our managers with the tools required to adapt to such changes.


Upper and middle managers of engineering and services companies.


  • Introduction to management.
  • Applications of information technology in management.
  • Introduction to TQM.
  • Making an impressive Power Point presentation.
  • Making the Internet work for your company.
  • Developing company portals.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Communication and human resources.
  • Problem solving and decision making.
  • Developing spreadsheet applications.
  • Multiple projects management.
  • Introduction to PM and contract control software (MS Project, Primavera, Expedition).
  • Accounting tools and accounting software.
  • Simple database solutions.
  • Developing advanced company systems.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • ISO certification.
  • Making your data work for you, Identifying trends, Market Surveys, Statistical tools Artificial intelligence tools.
  • Training sessions in Access, Power point, Excel, Internet will be organized. In addition separate courses in MS Project, Primavera and Expedition are available.