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GE605: Applied Research Methods:

Conceptualization of research problem, Research purpose and limits, Modes of Inquiry, Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis, Research Report, Research Ethics.

GE601: Probability and Statistics:

Probability Theory: Correlation, Time series, Statistical testing and analysis, Least squares. Introduction to distribution, Binomial distribution, Poisson and other distribution, Distribution of variances-F-test, Two sample tests on the mean, Linear regression, Analysis of variances, Quality control.

GE603: Computers and CAD Applications:

Introduction to basics Applications in Architecture, Auto CAD, 3-D studio, and management applications; Primavera, MS-Project TORA, and any other packages and programs.

A612: Construction Management:

The construction industry environment, function, efficiency and effectiveness, organizational structure, operational research with emphasis on linear programming, engineering economics, site organization, safety. Construction contracts, duration of assets, concept, formula and application, standard forms contracts, of contracts (FIDIC, first Sudanese version). Planning techniques (theory and practical applications), communication techniques. Time-value of money, appraisal of Engineering projects, specification, budgeting, cost and cost control. Value Engineering, Total quality Management.

A613: Environmental Studies:

Ecological aspects of the environment; Environmental influence in habitat selection; Ecologically appropriate design decisions; Natural resources conservation; Solar energy; Solar Design and Construction of buildings. Waste dumping, waste management, and environmental management techniques.

A614: Introduction to Urban Design:

Introduction to the concepts, methods, and manifestations of Urban design and city building, Focus on both traditional city and modern city conditions. Basic understanding of the design structure, order, function and character of cities and towns and assessing various qualitative aspects of these conditions. Relationships between processes of architecture, site planning, preservation and other relevant acts of city building to be considered as referential points of view in assessing certain complexities of urban morphology.

A618: Advanced Construction Technology:

Advanced topics in the modern construction technologies and practices including; steel frame construction; light gauge steel frame construction; precast concrete framing systems; cladding with metal and glass; selecting interior finishes; interior walls and partitions; finish ceilings and floors.

A619: Architecture Seminar:

A series of seminars on architectural and professional practice in design and management of projects including student; presentation and guest speakers. Seminars to focus on current issues in design, technology management, computerization in office and site operations with case-studies and partitions; finish ceilings and floors.

A651: Water Supply Sanitary Systems:

Application, Equipment, Legislation; Layout planning. Ventilation of sanitary Accommodation. Waste Treatment. Rural treatment systems. Advanced treatment units disposal in to rivers and others, sewage private plants and equipment.

A656: Mechanical and Electrical Services:

Building Heat Transfer Considers the various mechanism of heat Transfer as applied building and the principles of heating and cooling load calculation areas covered include solar gains Fabric heat transmission Infiltration. Effects of moisture content. Methods of heating and cooling load calculation. CIBSE admittance procedure. Condensation and finite difference techniques. Essential appreciation and understanding of electrical Services, Electrical energy supply, Electrical tariffs, standby power supplies, Switchgear, Also covered the principles of electrical machines and power electronic devices used in building services application.

A611: Architectural Acoustics:

Basic terms and physical principles. Sound power and intensity. The ear and heating. Propagation of noise. Legal requirements and noise standard. Room acoustics. Sound generation in service system. Vibration isolation, noise reduction, noise problems.

A662: Lighting Design:

The nature and control of light. Photometric units and lighting calculation. Interior lighting design. Day lighting. Lamps and lighting calculation. Interior lighting design. Day lighting. Lamps and luminaries. Energy efficiency aspects of lighting. Exterior lighting.

A667: Communication and Alarm Systems:

Intercommunication in building. Computer Terminals. Closed Circuit Television. Smoke and Fire Detectors. Security Equipment.