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Course Code: 014


This course provides the learner with an overview of the state of e-commerce today. It defines electronic commerce and discusses electronic commerce elements. An overview of business-to-consumer and business-to-business electronic commerce is given. This course also addresses issues and technologies available for companies wishing to engage in e-commerce.


This course is intended for Managers and technical staff with little experience in e-commerce.

Course Contents

Introduction to E-Commerce (3 hrs)

  • Identify the advantages of e-commerce to business and consumers .
  • Examples and case studies of existing practice .
  • Costs and benefits of developing an e-commerce strategy .
  • Identify the benefits of business-to-business e-commerce .
  • Identify the benefits of business-to-consumer e-commerce .
  • Making the technical case .
  • Review of e-commerce tools .
  • Identify e-commerce communication technologies .
  • Identify types of digital products .
  • Applying Web Commerce Tools (3 hrs)

  • Entering products, prices and images .
  • Calculating taxes and shipping .
  • Configuring MySQL .
  • Preparing a product/price catalogue .
  • Developing the shopping cart .
  • Configuring purchasing and inventory .

E-commerce Site Security (3 hrs)

  • Basic internet security.
  • Firewalls .
  • Proxy servers.
  • Encryption.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Digital certificates.
  • Basic Electronic Transactions (3 hrs)

  • Authorization.
  • Settlement.
  • Payment methods.
  • Credit card validation and authorization.
  • Integrating with other business processes.
  • Secure Electronic Transactions (SET).
  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  • E-commerce in the Enterprise (2 hrs)

  • Identify online marketing and promotion methods.
  • Identify methods of managing online customer interactions.
  • Identify the stages in a typical online transaction.
  • Identify the role of e-commerce content development.
  • Identify e-commerce technical support needs.
  • Identify e-commerce technical support requirements for programming and database integration.
  • Identify issues to consider when integrating e-commerce with traditional business methods.
  • Identify issues to consider when maintaining an e-commerce Web site.
  • Identify areas for expanding the use of e-commerce.
  • The prospects of E-commerce in Sudan (2 hrs)

    Summary and discussion (2 hrs)