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About Us

At the advent of the third millennium and the ushering of the globalization era, most companies and corporations are undergoing strong competition to attract properly trained and qualified workforce. The Center for Engineering and Technical Studies (CETS) has been established to meet the training demands of institutions and individuals in the fields of Engineering, Management and information Technology.

The center was established in 1999 by an initiative from The Center for Technical Consultation & Studies (CENTECS), and soon afterwards Danfodio Construction & Commerce Company- currently known as Danfodoio Holding- joined as the 2nd partner. In 2004 the Ministry of House Planning and Public Utilities got shares in the center to become the 3rd partner. In June 2005 the center signed a new Academic Cooperation Agreement with Sudan University of Science and Technology to host number of MSc programs.

While the center’s main focus was the construction industry it has been extending it services to cover the whole of the engineering professions and related fields.

More recently the Center has established its Consultancy & Technical Support Unit. Despite its new functioning, the unit is deeply rooted in the experience of its founders and affiliates.


Our Mission

  • To develop and deliver high quality training and educational programs:
  • To assist in the intellectual, social and personal development of the participants.
  • To raise the standard of participants to the highest level
  • To deliver professional practice and connect participants to their local environment and the latest advances in the field.
  • To equip the technical workforce with the knowledge and skills essential for advancing the country.
  • To provide technical support to the industry through the Consulting & Technical Support Unit
  • Soliciting and undertaking funded research activities to meet the country needs


The members of the board of directors are:


  • Dr. Hassan Omer
  • Eng. Abdelmagid Altayeb Mohamed
  • Eng. Emad Fadl Almargi
Ministry of Urban Planning
  • Dr .mahmoud Khogali
aina international
  • Dr. Abu bakr ibrahim Moh Hussin
Khartoum University
  • Dr.Elhaj Ahmed Mousa
CETS General Manager